Kaspersky Internet Security 2019 + Key Till 2019

Kaspersky Internet Security 2019 + Key Till 2019

Key Features of Kaspersky internet Security

Powerful Firewall that controls every traffic that has been sent or received from the protected computer and other computers in that network
always checking those programs that use HTTP and POP3 protocols
Prevention of network attacking
Filtering the income and outcome information
controlling every change that has been made by some programs
AMON ability for automatic search of files to finding virus
Prevention of running the viruses
Automatically run at the startup the windows
powerful protection against Trojan , malware , warm and virus
checking the programs at startup
TR, Technical Release = a build technically ready to go in production (pending printing boxes, writing knowledge base or help content etc.)
Reset the activation of anti-virus products
Disable Self-Defense [setting > Additional > Self-Defence]  Unchecked
Exit Kaspersky from Taskbar
Start KRT and click Reset activation button.
Depending on the version of the antivirus product, KRT restart the computer or run an antivirus program.
After you run antivirus software, activate it by pressing the function Activate trial version
Update Database

How to Activate?
1.Disable protection and self-defense anti-virus program.
2.Exit Kaspersky from Taskbar.
3.Start KRT and click Activate”.
4.Select the activation of the activation file (lic-file).
5.Click Yes”.
6.Run your antivirus program.
7.Enable Protection and Self-protection of antivirus programs

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